Monday, May 25, 2015


So after 5 days waiting my dermatologist calls...And the disease specialist not even willing to set up an appointment until they have her referral

She calls my husbands phone which was given to her for emergencies and leaves a voice mail. She's NEVER called his phone so I have no idea why she decided to do so now.

Her message was something like this...
So it did come back positive again,  you resistant to all the oral antibiotics, but we'll still be able to uses the bactroban for your nose, and we're going to up your bleach baths from 3 tims a week to 5. Hope you got an appt set up with the disease specialist. By the way our I won't be here for the next few days and we are closed on the weekends. So if you have any questions you'll have to wait until monday.

She called on the 20th at 5pm, on my HUSBANDS phone to basically tell me she will be uncontactable until the 25th (today).  She KNEW I couldn't make an appointment until I had her stupid referral!!!! So now today, finally!!! After a week of waiting, I call to make my appointment with the disease specialist, to which they have no open availability until June 4! I knew this was going to happen!

SO now, I won't be getting any antibiotics until then and no doctor care....
Usually I wouldn't be so upset but I'm quickly getting worse. I can't imagine how bad things are going to be before the 4th...

And just in case it wasn't bad enough I've developed boils on my eyebrows and one on my eyelid.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Congrats! It's SUPER MRSA!-Day 615

This last visit the dermatologist decided to swab my nose, and take a culture of one of the boils, saying she was going to get it checked for MRSA and to see what other orals I can take...It came back positive and she put me on another round of antibiotics but it didn't get rid of it. This last visit she swabbed and cultured again, and is going to give me a referral to a specialist.

I've had an infection since OCTOBER! Had she done a proper culture the first time I went to see her maybe all of this could've been avoided. Now because of her I've worked up a resistance to almost all oral antibiotics, she even put me on antibiotics that have proven to have no effect on MRSA like Keflex etc. She wants to send me to a disease specialist, basically saying she's done and can't handle this. I have to wait 3-5 days for the culture to come back before I can even schedule an appointment with the Infectious Disease specialist and we all know how long a wait is for a specialty doctor is in the US. People DIE before they are treated and receive the help they need!

 I feel awful, I feel like this is the beginning again. No matter what I do I just can't get this under control.  No matter what I put above my lip it weeps.

So now it's the waiting game....

 While I slowly get worse...

I avoided posting my progress for months now, almost avoiding writing in this blog. I had a someone comment on a lot of my posts bullying me, and belittling me, and condescending to me, saying they knew better. While they may have had a point that my skin was more seroius than I thought I didn't apprecatite the way they talked to me.

It takes a lot of courage to post these pictures and write about my experience, and someone tries to shoot me down further than I already am. I didn't make this blog so people could treat me poorly.