Sunday, September 21, 2014

Day 379

If you haven' t noticed I don't update nearly as mush as I used to.
Yes, it's because my skin isn't as awful, but it's still bad.

I've also been ill for the last week so I had to call in to work and my skin took even more of a backseat in healing. But ya know....

The stingers have been lightening up but the oozing is getting worse...
And if you can believe it I think I'm getting less and less sleep.
Once again, I apologize for the purple in the photos, its me phone case.


Behind my knees, on the back of my legs, are the main problem right now. I'm having trouble walking, and the cuts just seem to be getting worse. I'm trying very hard to keep them keep and limit my scratching, but I do so much damage in my broken/medicated sleep.

Hopefully once this cold passes, my body will work on healing my skin more.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

1 year off of Topical Steroids!

I'm sorry it took so long to post this!!
I'm also sorry that there won't be as many photos as I said there would be...
 Ian got an extra day off this week so we got an extra day together. Which of course fell on my anniversary date.
But always, better late then never.

 Sorry about my weird eye blink here ;(
And I didn't capture the whole side here...
Man! I sure failed in the picture department huh!

 The back of my leg has been a constant problem, I can't get it to heal. 

 I also think I might have a slight infection. Lots of pop-able pus thingies... I lost my old health insurance and have had to go though my worse insurance now. I've tried scheduling a Dr appt. but they canceled on me and I haven't had time to reschedule. I also ran out of doxepin and so I get very little sleep. Knowing me I won't go at all and I'll just suffer... I'm one of those people that avoid doctors and hospitals. Especially dermatologists and especially now.

 The ooze has also been rather aggressive. I've never noticed any smell or anything that others have noticed and I never had it really ruin any of my clothes but it's very uncomfortable and itchy.

 Looks like I have months 6-12 progress collage to make now!