Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day 257

For the most part, things are the same. I look a lil redder... and I've been having more issues with oozing.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Healing-I Apologize for My Absence

First, I would like to apologize for my extremely long absence. Ians father passed away on the 13th. He was in fairly good health, and it was unexpected. So that's part of the reason for my absence. The other reason is becuase my life is really too busy to even surf the net, let alone update my blog. I take less photos then I used to, mostly because my skin pretty much stays the same.

My skin is "well" enough where is doesn't take me an hour to get ready just to leave the house. Ian and I also did a 5 day juice detox. My skin didn't like it at first, but then it loved it. It was very hard on my hands to do all the juicing by myself, so we'll wait until Ian is able to help out more before we try to  another detox. We also decided were going to try and have a more raw diet/vegtable based diet. I've already talked about this before.
But not as serious. I want to take care of my body before it gets any more sick.

BUT DA COOKIES!!!! My weakness, my third love!!! 1. Ian 2. Electric Heater 3. Cookies

Oh well. I'll need to work on finding either a healthier option to cookies or at least a recipe for a healthier cookie. (That actually tastes yummy)

But in all seriousness I will be spending a lot of time with my husband, as they are giving him a week off.  I promise to keep record and update when I can.

Sending You Happy Healing Thoughts

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

8 Months of Topical Steroid Withdrawal

Eight Months of Topical Steroid Withdrawal and I'm still here. In fact I may even be on a break...but I don't want to jinx it.

Let start with the good stuff.
  • My hair isn't falling out as much any more. Back around the beginning of the year my hair was falling out in chunks, now it's just random strands.
  •  Not as red. Which is nice.
  • The itching isn't as deep. 
  • The zingers are still full force.
  • I'm still not sleeping well.

Wow!!! Look at all that healing!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Day 239-Went Home Early Again

I went home early from work again, and this was my late day! This check is gonna be so short. :(
 I went in at 12 today, so I got a lil more time with Ian. Even though we were both exhausted we made ourselves get up so we could see each other. Here's a fun photo I wanted to share of my morning.

That's muh foot! :D

 The extra time with Ian was more then needed, I still miss him and to be honest, I'm in bad shape. I feel awful and I look awful and truth be told I needed to go home.

 I hope things getting better soon. Here's a quick picture of my night though. I made a video review of it. Maybe I'll post it later.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy Beltane!

Happy Beltane everyone!

Just a quickie to remind me of the hair loss. Here's a smile for you guys! (Can't smile any bigger without my lip splitting.)

I'm holding all of my hair here...