Sunday, April 6, 2014

Months 1-6 Progress Photos

I finally did it. I went through the tons of photos I had saved to make these.
The months "7-12" photo blog will be much more hopeful than this.

I hope these photos give others comfort through their withdrawal. I'd say month 3 is where it looks like a blew up. What do you guys think?


  1. Wow, so interesting to see the comparison. It definitely looks like Month 3 was the worst. Your Month 6 photos are looking much better and like things are finally starting to come around. It looks like "healing skin" and not "inflamed skin." Have you gotten the Dead Sea Salts yet? I hope/am sure they will help you so much! Make sure you do a quick rinse after you bathe in them. Otherwise, they make you a little itchy if the minerals are left to sit on top of your skin. Just FYI. :) Keep it up--you're doing amazing!

  2. I haven't got the DSS yet. I bought a bag online a couple days ago, so I'm just waiting. I can't wait to try it! I'm really hoping it'll help with all the splits and give me some better sleep. My poor feet would love to be healed already.

  3. I'm right on track with you! Have you had any breaks in the last 6 months?? I'm on day 42 (1.5 months) and I'm flat out gross and miserable. Major insomnia.

  4. PS Were are you from? I just basically read your whole blog and it's me exactly! Including where and what your rashes look like. I wouldn't mind at ALL if this crap wasn't on my face!?!?? It's maddening. Anyway, I was wondering if you might want a texting buddy? Let me know! Can we be friends! haha

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  6. Hey Jen! Thanks for reading!

    So far I've had a round 3 breaks. My first break came around day 78.

    I would highly recommend Moisturizer withdrawal and Dead Sea Salts and starting on those as soon as you can. I didn't start them until later in my withdrawal and I believe it really could've helped.

    I added you to my blog roll, so I expect lot of updates! :)

  7. Been doing Epsom baths and moisturizer withdrawal. I'm seeing slow signs of improvement, but I know better than to think it'll continue. I have TONS of pics, I just haven't felt like piecing them together. I'm expecting to do it next week when my mom is here.

  8. Looks like you've had this post up for ages but I only just found it. D'OH. Sorry... now i feel bad.
    Its cool to see your journey so far. I am so used to seeing your TSW face that it looks the person you were when you started looks like a totally different person. Funny that.
    Looking forward to the 7-12 month update :)