Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Day 445-Happy Thanksgiving!

We celebrated Thanksgiving early this year. Since Ian works on thanksgiving we celebrated it on Monday. It feels weird to be writing about thanksgiving again. I remember writing last thanksgivings blog like it was yesterday.

I thought I would have an easier time cooking since I am further into my withdrawal then I was last year. But I was also using Vaseline and baths daily. My hands weren't to the point where I they had splits and cracks. But this time they were. I tried to be fast when it came to cooking. I stuffed the bird quickly, cut vegetables quickly but once again Ian had to help a lot. Especially with pealing and cutting those starchy potatoes. He didn't mind though, we like cooking together. I also made gravy for the first time! Ian an I also cooked my first baked mac and cheese dish.

It was just Ian and I again this year and it was wonderful. I hope next Thanksgiving is TSW free. <3

I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving, keep your chin up Red Skin Warriors!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Year 2 Month 2

426 days of this crap. At least it's finally getting easier.

I don't get as many zingers as I used to and I haven't had any oozy attacks lately. Still stupid itchy.
I also feel like some of the elephant-ness is going down a lil. I can see clearer patches on my face and my wedding ring is loose again!

A lot of the huge owies I had on my face and neck have finally healed up and again, I'm just trying to keep the damage I do to a minimum.

My birthday is coming soon! I can't wait! And then Turkey day! 
Hope everyone is doing well!
Sending you Positive Healing Thoughts

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


After taking 500mg Keflex 4X a day for a week I though that my skin would be better than ever. I thought it was gonna kill out any bad infections or ickys, but insted I seemed to get worse, which I find suspisious.

First off I would like to say that i have NEVER experienced something like this before. I've a very clean person and as many owies and cuts as I may have I've usually been able to avoid infections.

After having an particularly itchy flare I had quite a few "popable hives". One on my back was a bit bigger and was right were my bra was. I asked the hubby to pop it, and he did and it popped and that was that.. Or so I thought. it started getting bigger and really hurt. We then thought it was just a zit. But it got worse and more painful and that's when reddit/r/popping came into my mind...and that's when I thought it was something bigger....

It was a boil!!! OH MY GOODNESS IT HURT!
In fact, I also had a like 4 other boils on my upper thigh.
It started on the 20th, and didn't heal until November 5thish after a failed popping attempt and another doctor visit. The boil was making me physically ill. I had a fever and was very dizzy all the time.


The first photo was taken 10/22/2014 and the rest taken on 10/26/14. After it popped in the bathtub I was hoping we would be able to just drain it, but I had read about a lot of boils and cytsts having a core and I was worried about that. My husband was already being a saint by popping this, I don't think he could handle having to remove something as well. He was able to get a lot of pus to drain, it was a thick gunky yellow green mess. Disgusting. But I was so thankful he did, believe it or not I felt better immediate and less ill. We went to the doctor who gave me the prescription and told me to keep a hot compress on it until it goes away and if it doesn't go away by the end up the prescription see a dermatologist.

I've never had anything like this happen to me before despite having tons of different skin diseases and infections. It just seems weird to me that I go in and keflex for my infected legs. Finish them and 4 days later I get a FUCKING BOIL! I then have to go back to the doctor and he gives me a 1000mg 2X a day for a week.

I wonder if I had never gone in the first place if I would've ever gotten the boil. It's getting harder to trust any doctors.