Friday, December 4, 2015

Weaning of Lotion-Flares

 I found Dr. Aaron to be rather flaky. He stopped emailing me after I "seemed" clear, instead of sticking with me and monitoring my progress. Part of his program has you fill out a progress report after a certain amount of time in order to show your progress. He was rather pushy in reminding me to fill those out, but I had to ask him 3 times in one conversation on what my new dosing would be before I got an answer along the lines as "what ever feels best for your skin." He never emailed back. Now, this could be my # of consults were up? Or maybe because he had a HUGE wait list and had a lot of people he was trying to help. Either way, I left Dr. Aarons care with the same faith that I have in all dermatologists. 

While his regimen works, it's steroids. Of course it's going to work, but unlike other dermatologists he had a very low dosing, with an antibiotic and a lotion vs. the ointment smear that we are all regularly used to. I don't regret getting his magic formula, that didn't cure me but is a better option in the long run. I wouldn't, however, recommend him to others... per se...

But as for an update on my flares. I'm trying to wean myself off the lotion and add an extra day in between every application but since I've lowered my dose there's been some changes.

I've started getting ingrown nails again. Like four nails, all at the same time and couple of toes as well.
I've notices my hair falling out more then normal. I think this is because I've been lowering my lotion/steroid doses.

I ran out of zyrtec (20mg a day,) so my eyes have been giving me some trouble.

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