Tuesday, May 17, 2016

First Hospital Stay for Dupilumab

For this study there are certain times I have to withhold from certain foods as well as drugs, alcohol and tobacco. The foods are odd, no caffeine, no char-broiled meats, nothing from the mustard family, no chocolate and no fruit juices. I stay at their facilities for 3 days and take a cocktail drug that they will measure every hour or so by taking blood. This is the same drug that they had to see if I metabolized them well. One other gentleman who was also trying to get into the study couldn't metabolize the Warafarin so he couldn't do the study. Poor guy. A list of the drugs are:
Midazolam 2mg
Omeprazole 20mg
Warfarin 10mg
Caffeine 100 mg
Metoprolol Tartrate 100mg
(Sorry no photo of dupilumab, they always had it in a sealed box)

A representative came down from Regeneron to see the medication administered and I also received my first injection of Dupilumab. The injection was painful, very painful. I personally wouldn't describe as burning. It feels like something is being injected into my muscle and then it's spread down deeper. I literally grimaced and said "Ouch Ouch Owie Owie Owie" as they were giving it. But I'd do anything for a cure and compared to the pain I've been through this was nothing.

They had my meals catered and I spent most of my time watching anime. They would come in every few hours to pull blood to measure the cocktail. Here are a few pics, nothing special but yeah.

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