Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day 128

This is just a really big picture dump. Lol.
Showing the usual problem spots and a few others. I'm pretty red here, but not as inflamed or bright as it used to be.

The top images are of my right foot, and the bottem is the left foot. Both are swollen, with deep cuts and of coarse itchy as hell.

 While I though my hands were getting better I was checking in a patient today when he randomly asked "You been gettin up to the mountains?"
I was a lil confused and said "No, why is there something going on up there?"
"It looks like you got a lil case on you hands, they're a lil dry or something." He said.

 That's the first time I've had someone mention my hands specifically. And looking back now I wonder it it's only because he didn't see a ring on it.  Don't worry! Ian and I are as wonderful as always.
I just forgot my wedding ring on my night stand this morning :'(
I have to take my ring off before I sleep cause it cuts me and my fingers swell at night.

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