Friday, March 7, 2014

Day 175- 6 Months!!!

I am now starting my sixth month of Topical Steroid Withdrawal and am continuing my third week of Moisturizer Withdrawal. This are supposed to get drastically better from here on out. I do understand that I will have more flares in the future and I'm not done. This has been extremely difficult and painful and even as I write this I feel defeated. I know there are those who are worse then me and I should be grateful I'm not as bad as I could be. But I'm exhausted, and I feel like it's won in many ways.

Are things getting better? Yes. Slowly, but surely.
The red is going down, and my temperature regulation is getting better, some days I only need to wear two coats instead of three! Swelling has gone down, but the elephant skin is still pretty thick. The itching and stingers are still very present. I also feel like it's easing up on my face and arms (wheres it's been the worst generally) and heading to my tummy, legs, back and top of scalp. We'll see, it's still early. 
As far as Moisturizer Withdrawal I can't say it's been great, it's still pretty uncomfortable and I'm not digging it. I think I should just buckle down and get some Dead Sea Salt. 

Maybe since summer is coming I'll be able to eat a little better. More fruits and veggies and what not. May even consider doing a juice cleanse.
Positive thoughts. 

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