Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day 229- Another Flare

I was on my lunch yesterday when I started to get an itch attack that just wouldn't go away. After trying to calm my skin down for hour I finally went inside and told my manager I had to go home before it got worse.

Driving home was almost unbearable. I drive a stick, which doesn't give you much freedom to scratch during an attack. That's when the stingers got worse and the longer I avoid scratching an itch the worse it gets. The stingers get more intense until I cry out in pain and succumb to the itch anyway.

On my way home it started to get colder and then it began to rain. I rolled down my windows and tried to calm down my irritated oozing neck/chin. It helped... a little.

Had an awful time trying to sleep. Everything hurt.
My clothes hurt my skin.
My blankets hurt me.

I woke up again at 6am, with my neck oozing/sweating. I grabbed my faithful ice pack and tried to get back any sleep I could. Broken is better than none. When my alarm went off I woke up into a scratching fest, I called into work and passed back out until 12, just in time to say goodbye to the husband. :(

My wrists, arms, shoulders, back, neck, face and eyes got hit the hardest this time around. So my upper body is all very inflamed and raw from the scratching with sink hang nails everywhere. I thought that topical steroid withdrawal kinda worked down, like my feet would've been the last thing to see extreme symptoms, maybe that's just wishful thinking.
I'm sad that I'm about to go into another flare, especially since my last "break" didn't feel like a break at all. Well hopefully this means I only have two or three big flares left. :/