Saturday, May 3, 2014

Day 239-Went Home Early Again

I went home early from work again, and this was my late day! This check is gonna be so short. :(
 I went in at 12 today, so I got a lil more time with Ian. Even though we were both exhausted we made ourselves get up so we could see each other. Here's a fun photo I wanted to share of my morning.

That's muh foot! :D

 The extra time with Ian was more then needed, I still miss him and to be honest, I'm in bad shape. I feel awful and I look awful and truth be told I needed to go home.

 I hope things getting better soon. Here's a quick picture of my night though. I made a video review of it. Maybe I'll post it later.


  1. VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!! And have the salt baths dried me out too much... I couldn't so it...

  2. My face is in the same shape as yours, it's so frustrating!! Hope you get some relief soon!!! xx

  3. Sorry girls! I'm back with a lot of updating to do. Don't worry, I was always checking up on everyone.