Monday, July 7, 2014

304-Month 10 of Topical Steroid Withdrawal

Well it's finally here! Here I am on the 10th month of Topical Steroid Withdrawal and while things are still pretty icky I've been way worse! No new damage just slow healing. At 10 months the upkeep with my skin is very little. I no longer have trouble with my temperature other then seeming to heat up faster then most people. I also started sweating more, which is odd since I never really sweat, even as a child. 
Muh Face!

Look at my beautiful healing feet!!!!I even painted my toenails!! 
Something I haven't done in YEARS. 

At month 10 there are somethings I still do and some I don't.
I'm still moisturizer-less, and I still only bathe once a week in a Dead Sea Salt bath. 
But I get more sleep, I don't lose my cool anymore. I'm able to go to the store and pick up something without having to spend a half hour to an hour to get ready. 
But I still get hives all the time, I may have started to eat a bit more junk and processed foods then I usually do...
I only have to use Benadryl in emergencies. Otherwise the only medication I use for pain is marijuana, which I've cut done on a bit.
Hows everyone else fairing?

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  1. The more I see the damage TS does the more p***ed off I get. Congrats for getting through 10 months, it is an amazing achievement. Your ankles look nearly identical to my sons (Josh) - isn't it funny how TS effects people in very similar ways? Take care, Louise (Josh's Mum) xx