Thursday, October 9, 2014

Day 397- Year 2 Month 1

Two days off, but here's the monthly anniversary update!
Lately I've been having some pretty bad skin spilts on my fingers and and writs. So in order to help keep some of them clean and aid their healing I but band-aids on them. Unfortunately the adhesive on the band aids really irritate my skin, so I have to be careful.  Otherwise something like this can happen.

This guy is going to take forever to heal!

Here I am on my lunch, things are looking a lot better and even though my legs still look awful, they're doing better.

 I may look into a light moisturizer. I'm to scared to try coconut oil since that gave me hives last time (although it may have been to early in my withdrawal for that)
What are you guys using?

Also I've seen a LOT of girls on instagram who are using make up on top of their TSA skin. I don't know/think my skin could handle that but it would be nice to feel pretty again. But I don't know if feeling pretty for a few hours is worth the trade of of damage it may cause...
Any TSW sufferers out there wear make up? What kind do you use?


  1. Josh has just started using Vaseline on his skin. At the beginning he couldn't bear anything on his skin - everything made him worse. Now he's 9 months into TSW he's using the moisturizer and he seems to like it. It helps him keep his skin supple and prevents cracking. It doesn't seem to make him hot or itchy or anything now which is great. I've heard lots of bad things about Vaseline, but it doesn't contain a lot of ingredients, perfumes or soaps and he seems to prefer it over anything else - so we'll just go with it for now. Maybe it could be something you could try.

    We also tried using vitamin D topically (we bought gel capsules and popped the open to apply to the skin) - this really helped with open oozing patches. Usually healed up within 24 hours unless it was a full on flare, which next to nothing would help. Maybe you could try that also? Be careful with dosage though, only use the recommended amount.

    Let us know how you get on with whatever moisturizer you settle on. Take care, Louise x (Josh's Mum)

  2. If coxonut bothered you so will palm. I've had great luck with jojoba. Vaseline ALWAYS made me itch and makes my lips weep.

  3. I've never worn make up , even before tsw so I won't start now!

    You poor darling, that looks so sore!! What was your skin like when you first started tsw vs what it is like now? I'd really like to know if your poor hands are up to typing :)

    I've also been pen-paling some individual tswers... do you want to exchange emails? are you on the Itsan forum?

    Hope all the yucky stuff clears up soon

  4. Sorry everyone! Life is busy!!

    No on the Vaseline, I used to use it very heavily at the beginning of TSW but it started to really irritate my skin. Same thing as Jen, makes my lips weep.
    So I switched to the Palm Oil, which was great for an emollient but not as a moisturizer.
    I've mostly stuck to using the Jojoba Oil, but I would like to find something the moisturizers deeper.

    I'll keep ya'll updated!

  5. Hi! Do you live in Denver? I found you through! I think I respomded to one of your posts on there. Anyways, if you ever wanna grab a beer and have a vent session, I'm sure my boyfriend would appreciate a break lol. My google won't let me sign in, so email me!