Thursday, October 2, 2014

Infection! Day 390

Well it finally happened. I had to break down and go and get antibiotics. The cold that only took Ian two or three days to get over took me a week, almost two. In that time my legs got even worse. For a few days I couldn't walk. I couldn't bend my legs due to the extreme amount of pain. 

I kept them at a slight bend and walked around like a raptor or a pray mantis.

Similar to this, I also turned some heads.

I even had a co worker and pick me up and take me to my seat cause I was so slow and she felt bad for me. My co workers have been very helpful in trying to keep my walking to a minimum.

So I went to a near by urgent care and it all went fairly well. He wasn't pushy and could tell I had already tried it all. He was curious of topical steroid withdrawal, but you could tell it was his first time hearing about it. He could tell what I had was eczema like, but he was pushing for lichen planus but after a quick look over he could tell it wasn't. I've had Lichen Planus before, while the itching is similar in being unbearable and it takes for ever for things to heal, AND it takes about two years to end... The wounds are different and SYMMETRICAL! It's crazy! 

He asked me why I thought I had an infection and was very nice, basically said good luck and hope you get better, with a round of Keflex.

This isn't the best photo, I'm right out of the bath. But this was day one of Keflex.

After two days everything started shedding and not just my legs. My face, neck, everything started to flake. (Check out all the hives/little red dots on my leg)

 So...hopefully this gets better. Here's to being positive and hoping the meds help!

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