Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Day 486-Boil Explodes

So the boil that was on my leg came to a head and popped while I was in the tub. There was quite a lot of pressure and it exploded twice, barley missing my face. So I wasn't able to get pictures.
Another one I got in my armpit, I squeezed so hard it bruised.

The pressure behind this lil thing is amazing.  I feel like any bump could make it explode but it's fairly stable.

When we were getting ready for bed my finger was in SO much pain I wanted to try and pop it even if it wasn't "ready."
But it was and I was able to get another lovely photo.
Witness it, in all its glory!!! With and without flash!

And fascinating at the same time!
I hope this was the last of em.

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