Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Slowly Coming Back- I Can't Go through TSW Again.

This is heart breaking. I was hoping t tell you all that this did it. That I was all healed and I wouldn't be writing in this anymore.

I believe the MRSA is gone, or at the very least on its way out but I watch as the TSW or steroid induced eczema starts coming back.
After a couple weeks of being normal and pain free, I could immediately tell when it started to come back. I thought I could handle going through Topical Steroid Withdrawal again, now being more knowledgeable and know how to handle it.

But I was wrong. As I slowly watched it come back I started to break. My hands started splitting again, the cut above my lip that I fought for all my withdrawal came back. I CAN'T DO THIS.

And that's when a small boil popped up on my back. That's when I realized I don't even have the option to do this.

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