Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Pre-Screening Process

Today was my appointment, they went over paperwork and what they study was going to be. They took a bunch of blood and are going to make sure that I will be able to metabolize certain drugs well. If I can then I'm in. They also took a urine sample to make sure it's free of drugs and I'm not pregnant. They also did an EKG, which went fine, I have really good assistants helping me and I really like them. There are a bunch of weird criteria I have to adhere to in order to be in the study, but I don't care, I'll do it. Some examples are I can't be on hormonal birth control, and while in the study I can't have certain foods like caffeine and anything from the mustard family... Okay....Also no marijuana use while in the study, which is fine. I mostly used for my eczema anyway and if this study works I wont need it. :)

I'll have the results whether I'm accepted sometime next week. I'll keep you updated!

Lots of papers to sign...and this was an amazing pen!

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