Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day 61-Withdrawaling From School

 Ian was nice enough to pay this months payment for school, and then they still withdrew money for my account this month. Overdrawing my account..and we all know all the fees that come with that.
And today I have class...
We're supposed to direct and act our scenes out in front of the class today.
My scenes to act in are from the films:
Requiem for a Dream- The Mothers Red Dress scene
Girl with The Dragon Tattoo- The Opening scene where she turns in her report.
My scene to direct is Tootsie- The Tomato scene
On the 13th we're to film it, with lights, camera, costumes and makeup.

I started crying and stressing out today.  I can't do this, but there's only a month or so left of school, and WE PAID FOR IT OUT OF OUR OWN POCKET! That's money I'd be wasting.
As Ian watched me get ready for work he couldn't stand seeing me in so much pain let alone so unhappy. We had a long talk about school, money, skin, and what not. I've decided to drop out even considering we just paid it off.  Topical steroid withdrawal is hard enough without having to be judged on filmed. Something that is shown at the student show and kept forever. I'm not okay being seen like this. Ian assured me that there's always another way and I shouldn't have to force myself to do this just because of money.

After the cryfest I hopped in the bath, took some pictures and took advantage of the 3 hours that is normally class time and spent some well needed time with the fiance. <3

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