Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day 67-Happy Burfday to Me!


Was up till 3am scratching and what not. Lovely way to start out huh?
So I slept in till 11ish. Which I would say is not as bad as it could've been. I had requested my birthday off from work, and since I usually have class I was scheduled  3 days off in a row! That's never happened, and I honestly wanted the money so I offered to work one of the other days but my store had already found a person to sub for me. So I took advantage of my 3 days off! This would have also been the days where we would've been filming. A huge stress, that I'm now relieved of.

The fiance and I decided to drive up to Idaho Springs (lil ol mountain town) and have lunch at Tommy Knockers Brewery. We used to come up here all the time but hadn't in 2 years. We were both excited to come up here. Just shortly after arriving I started getting at itchy attack. We sat in the car for around an hour as we tried to calm to flare.

Tired of wasting precious birthday time I popped my collar pulled down my hat and we went for it.

I don't want to get into too many details but our waitress was absolutely awful.The place wasn't terribly busy, and there were two other servers around our section. She was absent the whole time. After she brought our food we didn't see her again until she offered to take our plates. Never  even asked how our meal was, and as she took our plates she offered refills on our drinks. Yeah! That's right! A refill AFTER I'm fucking finished with my meal. She brought us our check, and then didn't come back for another 12 minutes. Yes, I checked the time, I was pissed at this point. She brought us our reciepts within 5 minutes, and then said "Have a nice day.".  I was trying to! *eye twitch* Ian and I are great tippers. Even when there were a few bad waiters we still tipped them at least $5. (More Ian's choice then mine) But this was the worst. We left her $3, and neither of us feel bad about that. She did the bare minimum of her job, and was a downer on another celebration.
When we got home both of our stomachs were really upset. Ian got a buffalo burrito and I got a turkey avocado sandwich. But yet we were both very uncomfortable when we got home. All these factors led us to agree hat we will never be going back to Tommy Knockers.

We didn't let it ruin it though. We got home snuggled, played video games and relaxed.  It was wonderful to have my birthday off and have a full day with Ian. 11-12-13 (Neat huh? :D )

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