Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 93- Month 3

I can't believe it.
3 months.
I'm still in the middle of a break and am I enjoying it. Many extreme cuts have now healed and the redness isn't as vibrant. I'm still very swollen, and I know this because my engagement ring (which was too big when I received it) is almost too tight to get off. But even so I'm still scared of what's to come.

When I got home from work this is what I had waiting for me.

The fiance went and got me new gauze, epsom salt and Vaseline. Even got my bowel ready and candy after. Isn't he sweet!? I'm so lucky I have him. With him by my side, I can get through anything, even this.


  1. That's so very nice of him. It's sweet things like this that really show they care.