Sunday, August 24, 2014

Day 350- Aww FUDGE!

Woke up sweaty and hot this morning. I also scratched all my scabs off in my sleep. So here I am with my oozing fresh face. 

 My leg is still awful. I've been getting more painful stingers,  in my face and eyelids. My hands have also gotten worse. I also have a giant cut/rash on my back as well as my tummy.

I'll update with full body shots on my 1 year anniversary.


  1. oh dear... that looks like hell :( this tsw thing is a whole lot of BS... don't give up though. otherwise everything you've gone through up to this point will be for nothing...

  2. Have you ever used moisturizer? After 350 days of MW and this BS, is have to try something else. How infuriating. I use The balm that Stephanie makes. It's amazing.