Thursday, December 4, 2014

Food Sensitivity Flare Hell

First, I'd like to start off by that saying through out this flare I have eaten what I've what wanted.

Occasionally I would experience a small flares "caused" by food. But the food that I had been able to eat either before or during an earlier time in my withdrawal, have now put me on high alert. I'm scared to eat.

This happened...

The cause? Nuts.

 But seriously. Just normal nuts that I would get EVERY holiday season. This caused a tiny reaction that turned into a painful itchy swelling mess. I took so much bendryll. Let me tell you the tale.

After eating a few and some hives popped up and I stopped eating. But now I wonder if there was some type of oil? or something on the nuts and I didn't wash my hands and scratched it worse.

Here's what it was like at first. I thought it would just pass...

But silly me, it got worse.

 Tonight I was the mayor of hive city....maybe soon to be...boil city.


  1. aahhh hive city is horrible! i hope it calms down for you soon

  2. You've had a long journey, indeed. I really feel for you; I'm 1 year into TSW, had been on OTC steroid cream off and on for 30 years. I never escalated the steroid strength, or applied more than a dab or 2 at a time, but it certainly has had an impact. I assume you've checked out they have some good resources. Really sorry you're having to endure this; we've all been hijacked by the pharmaceutical companies. Hang in there.