Monday, September 23, 2013

Day 15 -2 Weeks of Topical Steroid Withdrawal

Over the next two days between school and work and the withdrawal itself I was exhausted. I was swollen, red, bleeding, itchy, and extremely sleep deprived. I found myself on the ITSAN forum a lot, reading over what others had put, as well as looking over other sufferers blogs.
There were many recommendations on taking epsom salt baths. Regular ol' Vaseline for an emollient (there are many times I have trouble bending) and zinc oxide to soothe the redness.

I had never found relief from any of those items before so I was already doubting them.

The bath itself. I probably put in more salt then I was "supposed" to. And it burned.... All the cuts, and scratches...and the damage I did...was screaming out as I tried to drown them. But it was a different type of burn...a good burn. For the zinc oxide I use Bordeaux's Butt Paste Extra strength. Here is a picture I took the day after the bath, paste and Vaseline.

While it's not the best, I was certainly pleased with the results. I still did some damage as I slept however. The 2nd picture shows a large cut on my shoulder.


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