Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 25-School

So I'm working full time and going to school part time. The class I'm taking right now is probably one of the worst classes one could be in. Understanding the actors process. In this class we are required to act 1 monologue and 1 dialogue in front of a class twice and then film it in costume, with lights camera the whole shabang. I DON"T THINK THERE ARE ANY RED PEOPLE IN FILM! I'm stressing out so bad. I already feel behind because I have to pay for all my college out of pocket with no help or aid. Last year  e I developed Lichen Planus and had to take a year off as well.
But now there's all these younger kids around and I feel like I'm wasting my time. Even worse all the young pretty girls. In shorts. SHORTS! SO MUCH SKIN!! :( I tried my best before class. I used some of the diaper rash cream again to take down the red but there's only so much it can do. Well, pictures explain better then I do.

  • What is going on with my mouth?!
  • Elbow is healing up nicely.
  • NyanCat FTW!
Class was tough. I kept slathering cetiphil on in between our practice sessions. I kept at it, but stress doesn't help. Here are some after class.
That was quick huh!

                                           The back of my left leg with and without flash.

Inside of left wrist

I'm really worried about class on Wednesday. That's when we film our first monolouge.  I'm going to take another bath tonight and tomorrow and just attack it hard. Lots of sleepy pills. Tea. And good costumes..... >.>

At the moment, I feel very swollen and it's hard to stop myself from scratching that deep deep itch, especially on my legs at the moment. Well,  I'm going to go make some dinner and take a bath and head to bed. Work tomorrow and it's T-Side Tuesday!

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