Saturday, September 28, 2013

Day 20

I woke up this morning dripping. I couldn't tell if it was sweat or ooze from weeping. But I woke up late so in a rush, I got dressed and rushed to work. But when I got there I started to realize how much more damage I did in my sleep. A weeping wound on my chin, on the front side of my neck and the ENTIRE lining of my hair in back.

 This first photo is what my elbow looks like when I try to straighten it and the second photo is that cut on my elbow, which is already healing.

I asked Ian to rescue me again, and meet me for an emergency lunch bandage meeting. Luckily it rained today so we weren't as busy at work, and since it was more chilly than usually (and I was FREEZING despite my skin being on fire, and hot to the touch)

I popped the collar up on my employee jacket and then wore a scarf on top of that. I did get a couple comments but ya know... it's not like I shouldn't be used to this by now.... :/
So why aren't I?
People have been treating me differently for my skin since I was born. I should be used to how mean some people are. But at the same time there are people who are so kind they make me cry as well.
And every day, I am so thankful. I have a wonder partner who is so supportive and helping me. I'm so grateful. Gotta keep up those positive though aye? :) We shall end the night with another Epsom salt bath and bandages before bed, with mittens...and antihistamines. :D Here I am a few hours out of the bath.

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