Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 26

 Not as bad today. It stayed through the plastic stage for most of it. I have started to lose some hair, from my head, eyelashes and eyebrows. I didn't do as much damage last night as well. The itchiness has for down a little for now. Perhaps I'm getting a little break?

It gets worse though out the day but even worse at night. Here I am on my lunch.

Went and bought some more Epsom salt  and a new lotion.But when I got home I started having and itching attack. Here's I am before I jumped in the bath.

 At first my skin turned bright red. Bright red, and again it burned. After staying in there for around 45 minutes or so the color went down and I felt the salts presence on my skin.  Rinsed off, and did the bath routine.I think I need MORE salt and a longer soak time then most people. I felt fine after, but forgot to take all my benadryll and pills at the normal time, so my sleeping got messed up.  Then my neck started weeping. I wraped my neck, elbows, and knees. I wore two sets of mittens. When my fiance got home he tickled me for like 3 hours, barely getting any sleep. I don't even remember it. But I did sleep better last night...

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