Thursday, June 5, 2014

Day 272- What the Crap Again!?

Ow ow ow! I don't know what happened and it's too hard to try to narrow down what could've cause this. Trying to narrow down variables that could have resulted in this flare is maddening. It could be one things, or it could be two, it could even be a combination of things.
I did eat some fast food for lunch yesterday (something I don't usually do),  but I did wake up all sweaty and itchy this morning, getting broken sleep in between..
But as you can see, the itching fit won and all of my scabbed over cuts are now fresh, and open.
The cuts on and around my eyes never seem to heal. They scab and flake off and I'll annihilate my face before they can heal any further.

This is what Topical Steroid Withdrawal looks like at almost 9 months. :(

Hope everyone is doing well.
Sending you Happy Healing Thoughts

Quick Joke!
So I wear black, a lot of black. Sometimes dark colors. I've continued my fashion choice despite how bad the flakes would show up.  So here's my joke.
What's black and white, and red all over?


  1. Grrrr! I'm in month 4 and have started to use moisturizer... I use pure shae butter and it doesn't irritate. It's helped me, but I still look like this every few days.... I hate that you're flaring, but I missed ya!!

  2. Hi there))
    I was looking just like you. it will pass! You will be ok soon. It's always darkest before the dawn!
    Stress also can cause flares i believe. You are very strong and brave.