Saturday, June 28, 2014

Day 295-Healing from the Hot Spings

Sorry it's taken so long for me to put these up, I've been enjoying my vacation. I go back to work tomorrow. :( So I figured it would be a good idea to get back to business on the blog as well.

My skin has been doing a lot of healing. It's peeling and flaking and is rather red.

 There's lots of big gashes on the creases of my neck where my nails catch when I scratch, as well as "my beard" (the chin area) which is what Ian calls it.

 The tops of my feet are almost completely clear! Now it's just waiting on all the creases on my ankle. I feel fairly confident that once my feet heal up completely that will be it the end of it for them. I used steroids and Protopic the most on my neck, and face so it makes sense that these spots will take the longest to heal.

My poor wrists go back and forth, but right now they're healing up great from the springs. Can't wait to see how things look next week.

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