Saturday, June 14, 2014

Day 281-Healing

I used to update all the time whenever my skin acted up, but now I'm in that nice long break until the last flare and I'm enjoying it. I don't know how long it will last and I'm sure I'll get mini flares. But I think I'm "safe" until the end of this year. I also did some comparing to other who I've been similar to. I should also be wary of next June as well. Pinklikeabeacon just got married and had a honeymoon! <3 She is also in her 21st month and is still going through flares. Please send some healing thoughts her way <3

Now time for pictures!

 My face is taking it's time healing, some days I wake up and my face is dry and the scabs are still there. Other days, I wake up with a wet face (blood? ooze? sweat?) and fresh exposed skin. The air from the fan stings, the fresh cuts so I'll cover my face in my thin cotton sheet blanket only to wake up to fuzzies stuck in my face. -.- 

 Just lots of healing.

 Feet are clearing up a bit!

 Current nuisance. Giant split across my ring finger on my knuckle.

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