Monday, February 17, 2014

167-The Worst My Poor Feet Have Been (So Far)

I didn't sleep last night.The doxepin and marijuana can only do so much for so long, and considering this is my worst flare yet, I should be grateful for how much they helped before. I tossed and turned and tried super hard not to rip my skin to pieces. Ian tickled and rubbed but I'm only relaxed WHILE he's tickling, but he can't tickle me forever.

He's been losing his patience with me more and more. We end up snapping at each other. This is taking a toll on both of us. I depend on him too much and I feel bad, but I can't help it. I'm sorry I CONSTANTLY ask you to load me new bowls, and to get me more tea. I ask you to grab things for me that are two feet (no pun intended) away. He's going through a lot as well. Life is hard for both of us right now.
I'm thankful we have each other.

I finally fell asleep at 6am, I had today off so I figured I could afford to sleep in a little. A little turned into oversleeping and I ended wasting my day away, I get so angry at myself for that. Then I spen the rest of the day self loathing. When the itching FINALLY died down I was so eager to just go to bed that I didn't wrap my feet in gauze, and wear socks. I just went straight to bed. BIG Mistake! My weeping feet ended up acquiring fuzzies and blanket junk in my my sleep.
These were there only photos I took today.

I'm trying to avoid over bathing, so I just washed my feet in the tub and put a lil bit of Jojoa Oil. I know i shouldn't be puting anything on! But...*sigh*

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