Saturday, February 22, 2014

Day 172-Moisturizer Withdrawal Day 2

My feet have been so damaged I'm sure it'll take a while before they show improvement. In fact, I'm sure they've got a long road in front of them. This morning I gave em a good scratch but my skin seemed to be able to handle the attack.

Today, well..I really wanted to call in. I should've. Ian ended up calling in cause he wasn't feeling well either so it would've been nice to have an extra day with him. Customers are so mean when it comes to stuff like appearance. It's hard to explain, but they look at you different, and talk to you different, they almost stare at you. I kinda ranted to my co-workers about my skin (something I never do) and my assitant managers ended up letting me leave an hour before close since I wasn't feeling/looking too good.

Morning/ Lunch

So far this has been very painful and I'm not even taking any extra drying methods. Its nice that I'm not as red, which I definitely think the moisturizer had something to do with.  But this tight, flaking/dry skin is just awful.

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