Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day 175/MW Day 5

Things look bad, super flaky and dry. But the red has gone down! That spot above my lip just does not want to heal.... I should put something on it.


  1. Hi Cat,

    I'm so glad to see you doing mw! I also use edibles as well and practically stay stoned most of the time. It helps. I also rotate taking atarax and Valium. Whatever it takes to get through the itching. You might try water diluted tea tree oil on any spots like above your lip. I find it works very well at healing small skin splits, cracks, sores, etc. You are a brave soul to do mw with how bad your feet are. Doing dss baths might be more appropriate for your condition. Up to you of course but I think if you used dss baths you could get all open wounds closed in a matter of a week or two, and it may take longer if not using them. Skin splits and cracks can get awfully persistent sometimes. Especially if you don't have lots of access to sun exposure. You want the skin to dry, scab over, and the dead scabbed skin to drop off. Using dss baths work very well as an aid in doing that quickly as possible, and at the same time they give other benefits to your skin. Anyway, best of luck to you!

  2. Thanks so much for commenting Dan.
    I also want to thank you just in general for your blog, I've learned so much.
    I will most certainly look into the DSS salt baths, I'm eager to try them!
    As I write this my feet and lip already look a lot better. :)

    1. Cat, you are very welcome and thank you! You'll love the dss baths!