Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day 162

I feel that things change everyday, even hours sometimes. I try not to complain because I'm sure Ian gets tired of it. Any crease or wrinkle in my skin is where there are tons of cuts. They wouldn't even be so bad if I didn't constantly get fuzzies in them and to end up opening the cut again in order to get out and healed over fuzzies. It happens! I feel like my wrists/red sleeve have gotten a lot better, but my feet have gotten worst.


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  1. Hi Cat, Thank you for documenting your experience. You never know who you are helping and you have helped me. :) My daughter is going through this also. She looks just like you right now.
    When I find someone that looks similar, it comforts me in a way. It lets me know what we are experiencing is right on schedule , if that makes any sense. I saw you like Nyan cat , she does as well Minecraft helps keep her busy too :) Please keep posting and I wish you a speedy recovery!