Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 30

I woke up with my plastic face. I couldn't open my mouth again. I don't usually take showers , let alone in the morning, but I did today. I don't know if I should' hurt. and now I'm super red today. I noticed as I was sitting there, I has a few spots start weeping. One interesting spot was right on my collar bone. Even more interesting was that I haven't really been scratching there and I don't see any cuts. It was just weeping, like for and hour. I stuck a piece of gauze on it and my scarf over that. Also of note, the large chuck of skin missing out of my chin. My ears are also swollen, weeping, and crusted.

 Here I am at lunch time, I used the rest of the gauze I had from Ians rescue.

 Again, got home went right to the bath. I should mention that I recently bought a new moisturizer. Usually I would use Cetiphil but it felt so light, like I was sucking it up as soon as I put it on. The vasiline has been a little irritating as well. But the new one is Eucerin soothing repair creme. I've tried this before and have yet to have any problems. I like how thick it is.     <.<    That's what she said.

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