Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day 44- What I Was Waiting For

Member I said that I had plateaued and I was worried it would get worse? Well it did. I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night. All of the cuts on my skin kept getting irritated by my clothes and blankets. It's like having a hangnail, and all the pieces of skin/cuts are the hangnails. ALL OVER YOUR BODY! And then in the morning it's like someone turned up the red!

Everything is swollen, red and super dry. Any spots that aren't dry are weeping.  My eyelids, my chin, a spot on my stomach, a large spot on my right shoulder and a few random spots on my neck. My wrists are both so damaged I decided to wrap them in gauze. I tried to wrap my neck but it just seemed to irritate it, so I left it off. My elbows, knees, and wrists are so swollen that it hurts to bend, pretty much any where there's a crease.

I got through work fine, did get a lot of stares but at least I didn't get any attacks. I went to work wearing; an under shirt, a sweater, our company jacket, a dress jacket and a shawl. Had the heater on again on the main office, but even my other co worker got too hot and she had to shut it off. When I got home and soaked in a regular bath, the water being a littler warmer than usual. What?! I'm freezing here!  A few after the bath had a few places started weeping again, spot on the shoulder, neck, and eyelid. I also now officially have RED sleeve. Well! Lets move on with some pictures!

The red extends all the way to the palm of my wrist, and wraps around to fully attack the tops of my hands. I have a few cuts and lil white pus filled hives on a few of my fingers. The small patch of white on my thumb and the tops of my wrists are the real color of my skin. :(

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  1. Hi I'm Jay. My mom has the exact same rashes in the exact same spots! She says it's an allergic reaction to who knows what. She did just get off pregnizone a few weeks ago for her exzema .. any tips? Thanks