Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 40-Emotionally Harder Today

I woke up this morning and couldn't move, skin tight, and eyes gooey (have been getting a lot of "eye boogers") I went straight to the shower. I wanted to try and get up early today, both of us did. But in the end, we couldn't. Ian and I were both so tired we slept in till noon. My class is at 1 and he goes to work at 4. I get home after class (depending on traffic) with 15-20 minutes of time with him. I've been so fucking lonely lately, I miss him. I don't have friends or family and most days I'm okay with that, I've come to terms with it. But for whatever reason it's harder today. Maybe it's because Ian's birthday is tomorrow and he's depressed about it. I work, so I can't be there. Both of us are super depressed, and the only thing that makes our day better is each other, and we never see each other.

Before I left for school I tried to use some of the Zinc cream on itto help with the redness. It helped, a little. In the picture below you can see patches of peach and red, the peach was because of the zinc, but it can only do so much. :/    Here I am after class.

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  1. Emotions get so high through this. My girlfriend has been there for me through the toughest so far and I'm so happy to have her. It's hard to be there for them like they're there for us when it gets to be so bad.