Sunday, October 6, 2013

Month 2- Terrible Flare

I'm starting my 2nd month! The biggest problem is the lack of sleep. I took 100mg of bendryll and some doxepin which helped me sleep through the night but I still feel exhausted. There isn't any new damage which is a nice to change. The drive to work was fine but after being there for a little, I could feel an itch fit coming.

And cometh it did.

I would've taken more pictures but honestly I was trying so hard not to scratch and pictures were the last thing on my mind. I tried so hard not to scratch but I couldn't help it. And then it got worse. My entire neck started weeping. Not exaggerating. The entire thing. And I didn't think about packing any of the domeboro with me.

Once again, I had some left over gauze in my car which I wrapped around my neck, which of coarse irritated it. But I had to do something about it.  I had to re-wrap it with the same gauze a few times through out the day.  Today was my short day at work. So I didn't want to bug Ian, I think it's starting to get to him a little. I probably really should've asked to go home though, it was pretty bad.
 Went to the store to buy gauze before heading home. Here I am before the Epsom salt bath

The darker areas are weeping, crusted splits. My neck and chin has always been a trouble area all my life so it's no surprise it's taking so much damage. 

There's also new large cuts on my tummeh. Close up view and full tummeh.

Even as I write this there are a few spots that have started weeping. A fellow user on ITSAN forum, had a similar flare around the same time. I'm very thankful for that site. I can't wait till I get some extra money so I can donate to them. I really want that Taming the Scratchy Monster Book :D


  1. "and cometh it did" hahahahahahah

  2. I really want that Scratchy Monster book too!! I don't even know why. It just sounds cool for a childrens book
    Your neck looks like it must sting :( not good!!!
    Thanks for commenting on my post by the way. Its nice to know people are reading it... it is hard to tell if no one comments.